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The beautiful world of lighting

We have created All Things Lighting (aslo called ATL) to share in our fascination and wonder of the world of lighting.

This is some of what you can find on ATL:

Lamps & Fixtures

A wide range of pictures of lamps and fittings, old and new, retro and contemporary.

Techincal Information

Details of technical attributes of lamps , fittings & control gear.

Date Codes

Details on how to decipher the date codes on your lamps to find out how old they are!


PDF copies of manufacturers' catalogues from yesteryear.

ATL Image Gallery

Picture gallery of all things lighting!

The picture gallery contains pictures of items in our own personal collection as well as images submitted of collections owned by members of the site. A big thank you goes out to everyone that has contributed to this library of images, some items being very rarely seen these days!