All Things Lighting

For those who knew their SON from their SOX!


It is with deep regret that we have to tell you that All Things Lighting (ATL) is likely going to cease to exist in the near future.

Since all activity on the site had virtually ceased, we tried to keep ATL running as a reference point and online gallery due to some of the fabulous content which had been uploaded to the site.

This content is incredible and we have taken a full backup of the content as it would be a shame for the contents to just be destroyed.

Unfortunately, with the rise of costs and due to personal circumstances, we find it hard to justify the time or expense of keeping ATL online. As it is, there are so many sites and social media pages all competing for attention. Our aim is that when the current hosting expires, we will not renew and the site will disappear.

[Update] Since the publication of this notice, we have had a few people get in touch to tell us that they use ATL and would hate to see it go. If in fact ATL was useful to you and we could see some activity on the site, we would not have come to this decision. If you want ATL to stay online and would actively use it again, you must let us know so we can reconsider.

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to ATL, we have seen and learned many things over the years which would have otherwise remained undiscovered.

Best wishes and good luck to everyone that was a part of ATL.

Paul & Tom.