Bloody crap LED lamps.

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Bloody crap LED lamps.

Post by amtrakuk » Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:47 pm

Was trying out a new food place in Leeds with my mate and noticed they had some quite cool lighting. He mentioned that his misses had to swap out a couple of the lamps in their kitchen light. Really don't know how but his misses really has a good nack of choosing the most hideous lighting solutions and gets really snappy if criticised. Anyhow its some small chrome affect triangle with 3 tiny halogen glass shards - I strongly suspect it was cheap, Chinese and oooh halogen.

Anyway yet another classic case of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Between her and her mate they got look like they some very cheap LED replacements and MAN what *****. They are nice and cold - ideal for a kitchen but they strobe big time. Moving your had is like a 1990s disco! She daren't admit shes ***** up. But it doesn't matter I guess it wont be long before they go pop and then it will be once bitten twice shy for anything to do with LED.

What repeatedly annoys me is she puts all her trust in her long term mate who's a bit of a handy man and although good in most things but in lighting he is not. Hes always a few years bind the curve and as in the occasion keeps making a nose dive choice and my mates wife trusts him to hilt :rofl
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