Highways agency - WTF! - Major rant warning

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Highways agency - WTF! - Major rant warning

Post by amtrakuk » Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:11 pm

Weve just come up from a visit from Mums in Yeovil, driving up M5 (Taunton), M6 (Birmingham), M62 (Warrington), M60 (Manchester)and finally M62 (Leeds). What the heck is going on... Does the government really think "Smart" (Managed) motorways are the future? From my expereince on the rush hour fun on the M62 the 250 million the government has willing endetted itself with the EU it saved about 5 minutes on my journey before the stupid variable speed limits. Being a sceptic I'm sure part of the EU agreement is it HAS to use EU money for projects so it looks like the UK is benefitting from being a memeber of the EU... I still to this day say Managed motorways are a total waste of money dispite what the "experts" say otherwise. I've not heard any great benefit from them except giving contractors jobs and assure we are indetted further to the EU further.

Anyhow secondly... From Bistol until Warrington the road lighting is totally *****! Great sections of lighting on the M6 even out of road works doesn't work or there as random stretches of a few hundred yards every few miles working. From past experience what will the highways agency do about it - sweet ***** all, I'm sure they will blame wiring fauls or the can;t be arsed factory kicks in as in 5 years they will have managed motorways so whats the point.

Whats with this hard shoulder lighting anyway. Dispite the lamps being 30 foot only the hard shoulder and lane 1 are efficiently lit, lane 2 is just lit and 3 is well hardly lit at all. Not to mention half the lanterns suffering windage and swing off allignment.
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