D.C.C to go LED!

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D.C.C to go LED!

Post by Danny » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:50 pm

I Saw one of the Main Gaffers from D.C.C (Durham County Council) Street Lighting today, Apparantly the Cosmo Lanterns and the Node Systems are that poor and that expensive they are going to be taking down some of the cosmopolis theyve installed in the City Centre and sending them Back to Thorn! and going LED in the city, and Leaving the Streets as SON... They still want SOX Gone though for SON! As long as they keep installing Magnetic SON in the Streets and i have a good supply of SOX for myself and my house I dont care! So looks like the Lights around this side Of the City will be staying as they are for the near future!... BUT theyve stopped buying in ALL SOX Lamps over 55W. If any Lamps over 55W EOL then the Lanterns are being changed for Second hand SGS203 150W SON and if any of the 35/55W Lanterns fail gear wise or any BETA79s, Gear wise, they are being Changed for Second Hand Magnetic Gear Grey URBIS ZX1s... He says the only SOX Lanterns hed like to see stay are the BETA2s... Id like the lot to stay but they want ALL SOX gone for SON, Cosmo / LED!

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Re: D.C.C to go LED!

Post by LinearSLI-H » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:20 am

And so it begins......this will be a blow for Thorn/Philips, as even the end user is stareting to realise all this node/HF gear is not worth the expence for how long you get out of it!!!
I reckon it will get to a point where councils have no money with all the cuts and start thinking, "is it really a good idea to get rid of all the existing street lighting"?

And PFI schemes are drying up now because private firms also have no money, I can understand now why Cheshire have had NO PFI done, the last upgrade near me was Winsford industrial estate, where 90watt SOX on concrete columns were removed for 150 SON, and Cheshire Highways did this themselves, no contractor involved.

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