Preheat of SS and forms of HF

Topics relating to lighting control gear, including magnetic & high frequency ballast and ancilliary devices such as starters, ignitors and switchgear.
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Preheat of SS and forms of HF

Postby MetalHalideHater » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:02 am

From what I've seen, lights like my Fitzgerald SLP 115/HF seem to start the lamp almost instantly, without much pre-heat at all. On the instruction manual, it said about "warm start" ballasts for PIRs, which I presume give a longer preheat. Certainly the Fitzys at school on PIRs give a reasonably long preheat.

In many classrooms, there are conventional SS battens with electronic starters which seem to give at least twice the preheat of the warm starts.

Surely this means that HF reduces lamp life, not increases it?

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Re: Preheat of SS and forms of HF

Postby Kev » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:27 am

Some cheap HF ballasts seem to actually kill the tubes anyway. Esp HF Combi ballasts. Different brand ballasts seem to have a different legnth of preheat. I can almost tell what ballast is in what fitting by the start up. For instance Philips ballast normally have a very quick start up where are Tridonic is slightly longer.
It is mainly to do with the way that HF starts the lamp that increases lamp life. Thats if you are lucky enough to have your lamp out last your HF ballasts.

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