Dimming SS circuit I thought of

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Dimming SS circuit I thought of

Postby MetalHalideHater » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:43 pm

The other day I was thinking about dimmable Switch Start fluorescents after watching Kev’s video on the dimmable thorn in awe. My idea was a lot more archaic: if I fire up a 58w tube on a 20w and a 40w ballast in parallel, it goes to full brightness-but I can remove the 20 or the 40 to dim it. To prevent the electrodes dying, I would wire a 7v DC transformer which keep each electrode fully warmed all the time. I did this today and it seemed to work perfectly. Does doing this affect the tube? The thing I noticed was that with both heating transformers going, the tube flickered a bit. Why is this?

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