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Lloyds Bank

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:15 pm
by versalift09
Something just reminded me of an old fitting which used to be in my local bank when I was a kid. It was a wall mounted fluorescent sign box light which had the green Lloyds Bank with black horse front sign, and a prismatic lens on the lower side shining down the deposit point below. Now at some point the lens went missing and inside I remember looking at the switch start circuits inside which were interestingly an 8w and a 4w tube end on! In the end both lamps were duff and I remember robbing a starter out of one- which I still have to this day! Think it's a Wotan with green lettering from memory- and it's stuck which probably killed the tube! Sadly all long gone but does anyone remember any of these from their own areas?
Nostalgia time :D